Preppy style clothing for college-inspired and elegant look

Preppy girls also called as ‘preps’ love to flaunt their college-inspired and elegant look by wearing preppy style. You can see these girls wearing girly blouses with collared tees along with a-line skirts and tights. Her hair is tied up with a little headband and wears glasses no matter she really needs them or not.

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The preppy style may look like a bit luxurious, geeky, but the look is actually not very expensive or extravagant. The look is in fact a perfect look to choose for summers. The term preppy originates from the pre-college schools. Actually preppy look is a combination of wearing good brands that looks neat but not boring.

Preppy dresses for women

Women can simply adopt the preppy look by wearing a nice skirt with a top that has collar propped along with a sweater dangled on the shoulders. The prints should not be loud and could be an option for cute and neat college outfit options for girls.

Also you need to tie your hair back from your face with the help of a ribbon turned into a headband and for some special occasions; you can get a headband with pearls on it. The colours for preppy outfits would be lime green, pink and pastel shades.

You just need to cultivate a clean, classic and simple look to adopt the preppy fashion. You can also add a few accessories with your outfits. Being preppy is all about presenting yourself in a privileged lifestyle and dressing up the right way will help you look as preppy as you want.

Be graceful and polite in social circles and go for the hobbies that would portray your preppy nature. Keeping your outfits quite simple is the key to adopt preppy style. If you are opting for busy attire having a plenty of layers then it won’t go well with the preppy fashion.

Go for clothes with simple patterns and solid colours. Choose the items that are cut soberly and avoid revealing clothes.  Avoid choosing more of accessories or layers. Stick to minimal layering like blazers, cardigans with a wide range of mismatched layers.

Choose the right colours that represent your preppy look. Preppy clothing goes with whites, crimsons and navies. You can also include colours like emerald, deep browns, burgundies etc., do not go for bright colours, however bright and bold colours can work well with skirts. Choose red or bright green top with white jeans.

Be careful while matching colours. Focus on the colour wheel and pick complimentary colours when you are matching like wear a green shirt with a red jacket.

Preppy outfits represent simple clothing and only a few classic items are available in preppy clothing, which never gets outdated. You can include some essentials in your wardrobe to get the preppy look and they are white jeans, bright tunics, shift dress, cardigans etc., the classic preppy outfits also include navy suits, polo shirts and oxford shirts. Sweaters are also important part of preppy look that you shouldn’t neglect.