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We are Except Farmworkers



  • Workers are protected when bargaining collectively…except farmworkers
  • Hourly laborers working more than eight hours a day get overtime…except farmworkers
  • Workers are covered by disability insurance…except farmworkers
  • Everyone has a right to a day of rest…except farmworkers
  • Workers in exposed extreme heat are given shortened work periods and provided areas to cool down…except farmworkers


Mike Pollan, Author

“Please join me in supporting the RFK Center’s campaign to improve the lot of farm workers in New York, by providing collective bargaining rights, overtime pay, right to a day of rest, disability insurance — and by raising the minimum wage for minors in the fields, which is now an astonishing $3.80 an hour. These are the most basic rights for workers and it is shameful we still need to be fighting for them in 2013 ”


Eva Longoria, Actor, Activist

“We must demand dignity for the New York farmworkers who harvest our food. Join us”


Barry Estabrook, Author

“If you’ve eaten today, thank a farmworker. And what better way of expressing gratitude than granting them right to the same basic labor rights and protections enjoyed by virtually every other group of employees in this country”


Ruth Reichl, NYT Chief Food Critic

“If you care about sustainable food and humanely raised animals, you ought to care about food workers too. Conditions for many farm workers are enough to make you lose your appetite. I’m convinced that this is the next big issue for the food movement ”


Liz Neumark, CEO, Great

“We support fair and equitable work practices everywhere, and deplore discrimination and substandard working conditions. ”




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New York State United Teachers AFT AFL-CIO AFGE Local 2313, NCFLL Association of Farmworkers Legal Services Employees NOLSW LOCAL 2320
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