Except Farmworkers is a campaign to win basic rights for New York farmworkers

Sen. Espaillat wrote The Farmworkers Fair Labor Practices Act. Today we are calling on him to do all he can to get it passed. Enter your number, we'll give you a script and connect you with his office.



We must demand dignity for the New York farmworkers who harvest our food. Join us. -Eva Longoria, Actress, Activist, and Philanthropist


Please join me in supporting the RFK Center's campaign to improve the lot of farm workers in New York, by providing collective bargaining rights, overtime pay, right to a day of rest, disability insurance -- and by raising the minimum wage for minors in the fields, which is now an astonishing $3.80 an hour. These are the most basic rights for workers and it is shameful we still need to be fighting for them in 2013   -  Michael Pollan, New York Times bestselling author of In Defense of Food (2008) and The Ominvore's Dilemma(2006)


If you care about sustainable food and humanely raised animals, you ought to care about food workers too. Conditions for many farm workers are enough to make you lose your appetite. I'm convinced that this is the next big issue for the food movement  -  Ruth Reichl, former Editor in Chief of Gourmet Magazine and chief restaurant critic of the The New York Times, and best-selling author


We support fair and equitable work practices everywhere, and deplore discrimination and substandard working conditions.  -   Liz Neumark, CEO, Great Performances


If you've eaten today, thank a farmworker. And what better way of expressing gratitude than granting them right to the same basic labor rights and protections enjoyed by virtually every other group of employees in this country.  -  Barry Estabrook, is a former contributing editor at Gourmet magazine, and author of Tomatoland


The legislation before the New York State Assembly and Senate aims for nothing more than fair and just treatment of farm workers. My understanding of the legislation is that it seeks no special status--no special privileges--for farm workers; rather, it is legislation aimed at simple fairness.   -   John P. Banning, Jr., Black Sheep Hill Farm


Ultimately, as long as the United States continues to exempt farmworkers from the basic labor rights afforded to other American workers, and available to all under international law, it continues to violate principles of equality and nondiscrimination   -   Kerry Kennedy, President, RFK Center for Justice & Human Rights


"We support the campaign to pass the Farmworkers Fair Labor Practices Act as a human rights issue. The current laws are promoting modern day slavery. The irony of the farmers market is we are helping the environment at the expense of the workers. New York can do better than this.   -   Pamela Bell, founder, Prinkshop


Except farmworkers...

  • Workers are protected when bargaining collectively...except farmworkers
  • Minimum wage is the same for youths as for adults...except farmworkers
  • Hourly laborers working more than eight hours a day get overtime...except farmworkers
  • Workers are covered by disability insurance...except farmworkers
  • Everyone has a right to a day of rest...except farmworkers
  • People working in dangerous conditions get mandatory safety training....except farmworkers (besides pesticides training, which is provided)
  • Workers in exposed extreme heat are given shortened work periods and provided areas to cool down...except farmworkers

Learn more about the Farmworkers Fair Labor Practices Act

  • Establish an 8 hour workday for farmworkers
  • Provide farmworkers overtime pay of at least time and one half after eight hours of work
  • Allow farmworkers one day of rest each week, which they may decline Prohibit child farmworkers from being paid a wage lower than the minimum wage Give farmworkers the right to organize and bargain collectively for the purposes of representing and protecting their interests
  • Ensure that farmworker housing facilities meet basic standards under the Sanitary Code, including: structurally safe buildings, clean water, adequate light and ventilation, and facilities for sewage disposal
  • Provide farmworkers with unemployment pay when laid off from work or terminated Require employers to provide workers’ compensation benefits to farmworkers who are injured 
during the course of employment
  • Require a foreman or supervisor who learns that a farmworker is injured on the job to inform the farm owner of that injury
  • Allow farmworkers to receive disability benefits when unable to work due to non-job related sickness or injuries
  • Prohibit employers from discharging or discriminating against a farmworker who attempts to seek workers’ compensation for injuries suffered on the job by requesting a claim form
  • Require the posting of a notice in English and Spanish that informs farmworkers of their right to workers’ compensation benefits, as required by law

Do your part! Let's make change in New York!


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  • Contact you state senator directly

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    My name is __________. I am a constituent, and I support the Farmworkers Fair Labor Practices Act (FFLPA). I am writing to ask you to do the same! Over 80 years ago farmworkers were excluded from the basic labor protections that almost every other New Yorker enjoys by southern lawmakers who did not want African-Americans to have more rights. Today tens of thousands of New York farmworkers, the people who harvest the fresh food you and I eat everyday, still do not have the right to collective bargaining, overtime pay, or a day of rest. California righted this wrong over 30 years ago. New York can do better!

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